Liqueurs have an endless variety of flavors and add interest to your dinner, dessert or favorite drink. A liqueur is a spirit that has been sweetened and flavored. The origins of the term liqueur comes from the Latin word meaning “melt” or “dissolve” which refers to the process that gives a liqueur its distinct flavor. Liqueurs have a medicinal history and as a basic rule are made from herbs, nuts and spices. Cordials are generally made from fruits or fruit juices.

Liqueurs are a great addition to any dinner or dessert. An aperitif can help stimulate an appetite or the after dinner drink can help digest a delicious meal. Be sure to pick up a few bottles of your favorite liqueur for your next dinner party!! 

Liqueur Ideas!

Liqueurs can make their way into every part of your dinner party. Need to add a splash of flavor to your favorite dish? Try adding a liqueur to complement your dish. Desserts including cakes or truffles can benefit from a dash of liqueurs. Of course, liqueurs can also be enjoyed in a classic beverage - a perfect aperitif, after dinner drink or just a nice sipping beverage on the rocks.

Flavoring of Liqueurs can be separated into four categories:


Fruit Liqueurs are ready to drink within a short period of time of distillation. They are high-alcohol and high sugar beverages with added fruit flavours including Blackcurrant, Apricot, Cherry, Orange and Peach.


Herbal liqueur has a main flavor of herbs such as Anise, seeds such as Caraway or Cumin and mints like peppermint. Some Herbal Liqueurs contain over 50 different herbs and the recipes are closely guarded trade secrets. The primary herbal ingredients are often listed on the bottles.

Bean. Kernel, Nut

The primary flavours include coffee beans, chocolate and nuts such as hazelnut, walnut or almonds. Chocolate liqueurs are great in mixed drinks and in desserts such as sauces, cakes and truffles. These are also popular choices to add to coffee.

Farmyard – Egg and Cream

A Cream Liqueur includes rum, vodka, whiskey, tequila or even wine with cream as the base. These are great blended with ice or used as a sweetener for coffee.

Exploring the World of Wines and Spirits by Christopher Fielden