Liquor Stores is proud to offer our customers accessories to match their favourite bottle of wine, that perfect gift giving idea or just an everyday use product. We are a one stop shop for both your spirits and your mix or a non-alcoholic beverage! We stock Pepsi products including 1L, 2L, 8 cans and 12 pack cans as well as Juices and Water.

Can’t find your trusty corkscrew at home? No need to worry, we have a variety from the easy to use to the high-end.

Heading out to a party and forgot a gift? What better present to give, than a friend’s favorite bottle of wine and we a have a great selection of gift bags to choose from!

From wine charms and bottle stoppers to wine aerators, your local Liquor Depot/Liquor Barn has a full range of bar supplies and something unique for everyone!